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Pest Protection

Residential Pest Protection

When Homefront is entrusted with your residential pest control, you can expect:


  • professional technicians
  • safe materials and advanced methods
  • comprehensive protection plans


Professional Technicians

Your licensed exterminator will arrive in a permanently marked Homefront Pest Protection vehicle, wearing a uniform. He'll greet you at the door and discuss that day's treatment plan, answering any questions you have.


Safe Materials and Advanced Methods

Homefront Pest Protection uses only the highest quality materials in our industry. Every product we apply is safe for your family, your pets, and the environment. Our products are also non-staining and odorless, so we won't leave behind unpleasant smells or spots on your carpet. Your invoice will include a detailed report of the materials used and the quantities applied.

Our technicians begin with a barrier application that protects against common pest problems in our region. We apply this treatment inside and outside your home, along with specific protection against seasonal pests. We know what to expect throughout the year and preventative maintenance is part of the home pest control we provide.


Comprehensive Protection Plans

Homefront technicians also customize pest control treatments according to what homeowners tell us they've observed. Spot a cockroach in the kitchen? Suspect your pet brought in fleas? We can target these pests and many others with our line of pest-specific extermination products. Your Homefront technician will discuss these issues with you and make sure your home is protected on every front.

This combination of local experience, advanced application methods, and reliable service enables us to provide the best pest extermination in the area. And did we mention our paperless billing option? You can receive invoices by email and pay with a few clicks using an electronic check or a credit card on file.


See our Service Protection Plans for more details, or give us a call today.

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