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Pest Protection

Commercial Pest Protection

Our commercial pest control clients come to Homefront with a unique set of needs. Due to high foot traffic in their facilities, they require more intense treatments and deal with larger numbers of pests than our residential clients. We understand the unique demands of commercial pest control, and we're here to help.


When Homefront Pest Protection is entrusted with your commercial pest control, you can expect:


  • flexible scheduling
  • safe materials and advanced application
  • detailed invoicing
  • custom built plans


Flexible Scheduling

Commercial pest control often needs to happen outside normal business hours or during times of the day when foot traffic is low. At Homefront Pest Protection, we understand your unique scheduling concerns. With flexible scheduling and prompt service, we work hard to make pest control easy for you.


Safe Materials and Advanced Methods

Every industry has unique safety concerns, and you can trust Homefront Pest Protection to take yours seriously. Our licensed exterminators use only the highest quality pest control products. They’re safe for people, animals, and the environment. And, every material we apply is odorless and stainless, so our treatments won’t leave behind unpleasant smells or marks on the carpet.

We've also sought out the most advanced application methods to serve this region. We know southwest Missouri, and we know pest control. Our treatments are designed to address the pest problems we see repeatedly. We also know what to expect during different seasons of the year. Our strategy includes preventative pest control to better protect your facility year-round.


Detailed Invoices

Transparency is important, and we want our commercial pest control clients to know exactly what we apply and how much we use in every treatment. Your invoice will always include a detailed report of the materials we used and the quantities applied. We make record-keeping simple, and we're proud to help our commercial clients meet every pest control standard in their industries.

We also want to make billing as simple as possible. Homefront has a paperless billing option, which allows customers to receive email invoices and pay by electronic check or a credit card on file. From start to finish, we're making quality pest protection easy for you.


Custom Built Protection Plans

Your industry has unique pest control needs, and you want services that don't interrupt business as usual. We think you should have all that and more. Whether you run a preschool or a manufacturing plant, Homefront Pest Protection can build a Service Protection Plan that's right for you.

Our custom built plans are designed for individual commercial pest control clients. We work with businesses to determine how often pest control services are needed, the best schedule for those services, and the particular safety concerns of your industry. Together, we'll build a treatment plan that is right for you.


Give us a call today, and let's get started.

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