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Pest-Specific Protection


Even the suspicion of a flea infestation can send a homeowner into panic mode. Homefront certified exterminators are ready to help, and we have a variety of flea extermination products at our disposal, including granules, a spray, a growth inhibitor, and a barrier protection. The materials we apply need to be left undisturbed for four hours in order to work effectively. For this reason, a flea treatment is the only time we ask homeowners to leave their residence. The most effective flea extermination plan is a cooperative effort between the exterminator and the homeowner. Here are a few steps homeowners can take to make flea treatments more effective:

  • Vacuum carpets prior to treatment and once daily for 10 days following treatment. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag after each use, putting the contents in a sack and disposing of the sack outside.
  • Pick up toys, clothes, games, shoes, etc. off the floors before treatment is applied. This allows for the treatment to cover more floor space in your home.
  • Treat your pets for fleas according to your veterinarian's instructions.

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